Please use inputmode in forms

Almost every webpage or app uses form in any form or another. And more and more people are uses theirs mobiles as primary device for it so please do everyone a favor and start using inputmode on your input for a better experience for all of us.

For example if the user is suppose to fill in number in an input use inputmode="numeric" and the use will get prompt with correct keyboard layout directly for numeric input.

Another example is inputmode="email" and the user once again gets a correct keyboard put also can gets correct suggestions directly from the phone which is a nice UX.

Read more about it on a good article over on CSS-TRICKS – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About inputmode

(Yes I see I have no styling for code-block (and now I realised I how now support for emojis here in WordPress) *shame-bell*. But new site and style is in progress)


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